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Our Services

Search & Selection

Goldman Recruitment supports Search & Selection projects with a focus on expert and managerial positions. The recruitment is conducted through job postings, databases, social networks and networking. We pay particular attention to assessing candidates’ competences and the way they match our Clients’ organisational culture, so that a new employee fulfils all the expectations of their future employer.

Stages of managing the project:

  • candidate profile: along with the client, we define the profile of a desired candidate,
  • longlist: we build the pipeline of potential candidates with the use of available sources,
  • first contact: we get in touch with selected candidates,
  • meeting: we meet those candidates who have voiced interest in the position,
  • selection: we select the candidates by examining the criteria provided by the client,
  • shortlist: we shortlist at least 4 candidates and provide their resumes and reports,
  • assistance: we assist the employer in organising interviews with the candidates and support negotiations with the selected ones.

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Extra features (upon the client’s request):

  • references: we check candidate’s references from previous workplaces,
  • personality profile: we profile candidate’s personality according to a questionnaire based on a selected methodology.

Search & Selection project rules:

  • All activities within a Search & Selection project are conducted confidentially. We disclose only this information that has been allowed to by a client or candidate.

  • The most important factor in selecting candidates is matching their qualifications, personality traits and motivation to a profile provided by the client.

  • Thanks to the experience of our consultants, we can verify the expertise of our candidates.

  • Finalised Search & Selection projects are warranted for 3-6 months. The warranty covers our obligation to present other candidates for the position (free of charge) if the selected candidate or client resigned. The warranty covers previously agreed circumstances.


The cost of the Search & Select process depends on the complexity and time span of the recruitment process. The service cost usually corresponds to a fixed percentage of the remuneration received by a hired candidate.

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