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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an extensive management of recruitment processes. The service includes Goldman Recruitment’s full responsibility for the process, as we provide such resources as recruiters, system solutions and know-how.

By using RPO, our client can focus on main business goals, as well as reduce the costs of acquiring a single candidate. As an RPO service provider, we are placed in the role of an internal recruitment department.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO activities are usually conducted at client’s offices by Goldman Recruitment employees, whose number depends on client’s recruitment plans.

Goldman Recruitment employees are accountable for the entire recruitment process, starting with finding information about desired candidates and ending with providing a set of candidates fulfilling the established criteria.

The database of candidates is created a the expense of Goldman Recruitment and includes the following sources of candidates:

  • publishing postings on leading job boards,
  • reaching the candidates directly through social media or via phone,
  • Goldman Recruitment database.

Client Obligations

In order to make the RPO cooperation smooth, the Client should deliver and regularly update information about planned recruitments: job title, number of vacancies, job brief, employment conditions, start date.

Goldman Recruitment Obligations

Goldman Recruitment is obliged to achieve the pre-defined level of service realisation (KPIs, SLAs), namely to provide a number of candidates fulfilling the criteria in a period no later than the agreed deadline for service realization.

Goldman Recruitment commits to deliver reports related to the ongoing project, which include the following data:

  • number and type of actions conducted in order to build a database of potential candidates,
  • list of candidates with their status in the recruitment process,
  • other information requested by the client.

The candidates are presented in the form of an agreed report, which contains all the information necessary for the client to carry out the recruitment process effectively.

Goldman Recruitment commits to archive all the activities and documents related to the Client’s recruitment process.


The costs of RPO depends on numerous factors, such as: project’s length, number of vacancies to fill, budgeting and benefits, complexity of the process. The offer is usually a combination of a fixed pay depending on the number and experience of delegated recruiters, as well as a success fee depending on the final result – whether the candidate is hired or not.

Within RPO we guarantee that a hired candidate will work for the agreed period of time. If the employment contract is broken before that time, Goldman Recruitment is obliged to present alternative candidates.

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