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Interim Management

The Interim Management service lets us present our Client with a candidate possessing unique skills necessary to do a specific job. These are usually managers and experts ready to undertake project work.

Interim Finance Management:

One of Goldman Recruitment’s specialties is Interim Finance Management. The service allows us to present our Client with a candidate possessing unique skills to conduct specific tasks in the area of Finance.

Our experts are managers with at least several years of experience in: Accounting Management, Controlling, Restructuring, Internal Audit, Strategic Financial Management, or Process Optimization. The Interim Finance Manager’s mission concludes when the pre-defined goals of the project are completed and when a new manager is hired and introduced to the given position.

Our areas of expertise with regard to Interim Finance Management include:

  • intermittent undertaking of managerial positions in Finance and Controlling departments,
  • intermittent substitution for Managers and Heads of Finance,
  • coordinating mergers and liquidations in the areas of Accounting and Controlling,
  • coordinating the transfer of accounting processes to or from an organisation,
  • coordinating the creation of Accounting and Controlling departments,
  • coordinating the introduction of budgeting systems restructuring projects.

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Interim Management Value Proposition

Our approach to every project is based on the concept of Interim Management Value Proposition. It is based on a set of qualities, which make the project run in a more effective way than with the use of traditional methods:

  • return on investment,
  • fast pace,
  • expert knowledge,
  • objectivity,
  • responsibility.

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